• Hey guys, here’s where I’m at this weekend…
  • Terrible video quality...but not bad enough to keep you from hearing the amazing 'Purple Rain tribute in Miami!

  • I don't know about you...but this gave me a serious case of the feels.
  • I NEVER SAW THIS COMING! I was so pleasantly surprised to hear what this girl said about her generation of millenials, who constantly take heat for many reasons...
  • Jimmy Fallon is sooooo funny. At least in my humble opinion! I love how passionate he is about music, and how he includes it in his talk show as often as possible. I started to become a fan from his Saturday Nite Live days, where he would also cover songs in his own hilarious way...
  • some of my favorite things include disney (OMG JUNGLE BOOK - SOO GOOD RIGHT?!)
    tacos and The Simpsons, so when you combine at least 2 of them magical things are bound to happen!
    Scope this Simpsons intro that aired last week! I love it!! 
  • Hey guys, I hope you've had a great week! Here's what's on the go this weekend.


    Saturday I'll be starting off at the Kelowna Farmers Market, it's the best place to find and get local delicious foods and hand crafted goods


    Later Saturday afternoon I'm off to EnergyPlex, come by join me and play laser tag, climb the rock wall, and give SkyTrax a shot!


    Sunday I'll be starting my morning off at Stuart park for the Daffodil Dash. It's in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, there's a 1K mini dash for the kids and a 5K for the grown ups. Come out and let's help in the fight against cancer.


    Then I'll be wrapping my day off hanging out at some of the Kelowna parks, you'll have to follow me on Facebook and tune in to find out exactly where I'll be.


    As always if you see me stop me and say hi, and if you want me at your event do let me know and I'll do my best to be there



    Uh someone want to buy me this??

  • look at these rainbow cheese grilled cheese in Hong Kong....unless a unicorn actually made this I think this looks way too weird and unappetizing 
    but legit if I saw a magical unicorn make this for me i'd FOR SURE eat it haha

    what do you think?? 
  • this is by far my most favorite video on the internet this week - maybe it's because I have 3 older brothers and can see myself in this kind of situation - they went to extreme efforts to make sure it was convincing

    I think the best part may have to be....THE CAT YOU IDIOT! or the fact that she is probably right costco WILL be a bloodbath!

    haha check it out below - Ellen got them on her show too and gave them a trip to Mexico! good thing she knows how to say pants! - it's just great 
  • Hey guys I've got a great weekend ahead, here's where you can find me. 


    Saturday morning I'm going to be in Peachland for the Rubber Ducky Race, it's in support of the Bat Education and Ecological Society.


    Later I'll be heading to downtown Kelowna for small shop Saturday, there's free parking all day so come on out and support local!


    Sunday morning I'm going to be getting on a boat and hitting the sky with Ogopogo parasail. It's my first time doing this and I can't wait to give it a try.


    Then later I'll be hitting up Knox Mountain, take in the sunshine, the fresh air, and the great Kelowna views.


    Make sure you stop me because I have a ton of great stuff to give away. And if you want me at your event, all you need to do is ask!

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