Would You Take the Money?

Posted By: Ian · 3/6/2013 1:41:00 PM

Here's the scenario.

You're driving down a quiet country highway with no other cars in sight, except for one. It's a Brinks truck just ahead of you. Suddenly you notice something fall out of the back.
The Brinks truck keeps going, but you pull over to investigate... turns out it's a package of money with $11,000 inside!
So... now what?
Assume that no one saw you at all, not even the Brinks truck driver, and there's absolutely no way you'd be caught.

Would you take the money?

Basically this same situation happened recently to a woman in New York, and she opted to give the cash back! I don't know if I would do the same, to tell you the truth. If there was no way to be caught, it would be oh so tempting to pocket the cash.
Of course, Karma is a b**** as they say, so I'd use to money to do some good! But why pass up the opportunity for a little good fortune?
So how about you then? Check out your calls below the photo to the right. And read about the story in New York right here!



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