Sun FM has partnered with Loyal Hair Therapy for the
“I Am Me. Own It.” anti-bullying campaign.

Visit Loyal Hair Therapy to purchase a limited edition “I Am Me. Own It.” t-shirt for $35 benefitting the Have A Heart Radiothon. Show your support and purchase one for yourself, your friends or your family members.

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We all:

  • May love whomever we wish
  • Should not be labeled because of our body composition
  • Have the right to live our life the way we wish
  • Are smart, beautiful, unique  
  • Have the power to forgive and not to judge
  • Should not stand by while someone is being bullied  

Check back here for announcer blogs relevant to anti-bullying.  Our goal with this page is to be a resource for information.


  • Wil Wheaton's Advice to Young "Nerds"

    Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation) was asked by a young fan if he was ever called a nerd when he was young. His response will make you feel pretty great.   "But here's a thing that you might be able to a ma...
  • Macklemore - You Can Play

    Macklemore is featured in a video for the You Can Play Project, which is an incredible initiative between LGBT athletes and straight allies teaming up for mutual respect. If you have skills, talent, and heart... you can play!
  • To This Day - Shane Koyczan

    While bullying is a horrible problem, especially nowadays, it's also something a lot of us can relate to. Canadian poet Shane Koyczan created this beautiful piece all about his experiences with bullying.It really strikes a chord with me. I hope it do...
  • West High Bros

    A compliment goes a long way... but hundreds of compliments goes even further! Take a look at this video. It's the story of how one high schooler is making his entire school happier and more confident with themselves with a little help from social med...
  • My experiences with bullies..

    Bullying is something that I think we have all felt in one form or another.  When I was younger I walked a bit differently than the other kids, which made me stand out among the other kids in my school.  I could go into detail about the con...
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