1 - Chat with the DJs

It is easy to chat with your favourite DJs, you just send them text messages!

To send a text message to the on air personality:

1. From your cellular phone, open a new text message

2. Enter the destination number: 78636 (SunFM on your keypad!)

3. Then a space and you can write your message:

Ex: (To: 78636, message: Chat Hi I love your show!)

4. Send your message

5. You will receive a message to confirm which Sun FM station you want to send your message to (this will only have to be done once):

  • If you chose A=97.1  ... your messages will reach the SunFM studio in Penticton. Text FM to change station. 
  • If you chose A=99.9  ... your messages will reach the SunFM studio in Kelowna. Text FM to change station.
  • If you chose A=105.7  ... your messages will reach the SunFM studio in Vernon. Text FM to change station. 

You will receive a response "Thanks for the message! Stay tuned for more great hits and contests."

When you text us for the first time at 78636, you’ll receive a reply from us.

Then, you’ll receive an acknowledgement message to confirm your message has been forwarded to the studio, the DJ could read it, could answer it, or talk about it live.

*Standard rates apply to text inquiries 

2 - Vote

We always want your opinion. We want to know the music you like and more, so we are going to ask you to participate in voting, polls & more.  Your favourite Sun FM personality will give you instructions live in order to send your message correctly.

The answer choice will always be the same: a, b, c, d, y, n

To participate in a vote:

  1. Open a new message
  2. Enter the destination number: 78636  (SunFM on your keypad!)
  3. Start your message by the keyword VOTE
  4. Then a blank and the letter corresponding to your answer (a,b,c,d,y,n)
  5. Send your message

Eg (To: 78636, message: VOTE A )

If you’ve done all this correctly, you’ll receive a message confirming that your vote has been accounted for, and the vote tendency.

Standard rates apply to text inquiries 

3 - Contests

With your cellular phone you can also participate in contests announced live by the DJ, listen carefully to his instructions.

To participate in a contest:

  1. Open a new text message
  2. Enter the destination number: 78636 (SunFM on your keypad!)
  3. Start your message by the keyword given by the DJ, eg : WIN
  4. Then a blank, and your message (the DJ can ask you to write your name, or the answer to a question asked)
  5. You can send your message. 

Eg (To: 78636, message: WIN John )

If you do all this correctly, you’ll receive a confirmation that your participation has been recorded.

*Standard rates apply to text inquiries 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is text messaging or SMS?

SMS or text message is an alphanumeric message that you can send or receive on your cellular phone. Text messaging is a fast and efficient way to inform someone without disturbing her/him. Today the Canadians send 30 Millions SMS / day.

How can I learn to send SMS ?

Each phone has a different process to open the text messaging and write a message, don’t hesitate to check your handset user guide, or visit your wireless carrier’s web site.

What is a shortcode ?

It is a 5-6 digit number used by companies instead of the regular 10 digits number. They are easier to remember, and works with all wireless carriers. To send a message to SUN FM you have to use the short code 78 636 as destination telephone number.

Why do we use keywords ?

We ask you to use keywords at the beginning of your message in order to understand which application you want to use. Without keywords, we will be mixed, and we will not know what to do with your message.

Keyword example :
To chat with the DJ you have to send  CHAT at the beginning of your message, then a blank and your message.

To vote, most of the time you will use the keyword VOTE, followed by your answer choice.
For contests, you’ll have to send WIN followed by your name, or answer to a question depending on the DJ request.

Will the Djs see my messages ?

If you use CHAT at the beginning of your message, it will be routed to the right application and the DJ will see all the messages on his computer in the studio. He will certainly read your message, and answer by text message, or read it live (if it is a dedication for example).

How often can I send text message?

There is no limitation, you can chat as often as you want with the Djs, participate to vote and contests several times per day.

Which communication companies offer the service?

All the major wireless carriers in Canada offer the service through common short code initiative.

How much does it cost to send a text message?

There is no additional charge on top of your regular standard text messaging rates. It's just like texting your friends or family!

What happens if there is a mistake in the keyword?

If your keyword is not recognized by the application, or if you want to participate to a vote or a contest that is not active ( not started or already ended) you’ll receive an error message. In this case your message will not be invoiced.

Information messages sent by SUN FM are not invoiced, nor are the INFO or HELP messages.

What do you do with the collected information?

By participating to the different SUN FM mobile services, you accept to receive information about SUN FM and its partners.

How can I contact you if I need help ?

You can use our customer care number 1 866 607 2006 or our email address: mobile@thesun.net