• Letters to Yourself

    (Via Westjet) For decades, high school teacher Bruce Farrer has been asking his students to write letters to their future selves. Twenty years later, he tracks down the students - wherever they are in the world - and mails their letters to them. The impact he has had on his students’ lives is profound and heartwarming.  Read More
  • Should he be rewarded or punished?

    I have to admit, this is GENIUS! I don't think he should be punished, receive any jail time or what have you, but i also don't think he should be off scot free from paying his bill! It all took place a year ago... Read More
  • Daniel Kim's Popdanthology 2014

    Daniel Kim's Pop Danthology for 2014 Read More
  • The most romantic anniversary gift ever!

    So this video apparently caught the attention of Ashton Kutcher, who is in a lovey dovey state himself these days, with being engaged to the love of his life, as well as having had a baby.... And I'm glad he's like this, because we might not have seen this video go viral otherwise! Read More
  • Pet owners and pets, your life is about to change

    If you're like me, you often wonder what your pets are up to while you are at work, away, whatevs... chances are they are sleeping! But what if you could actually CHECK IN on them, TALK to them, and even give them a treat, all while you are away from your house? Well it's finally a REALITY! Read More