• OMG OMG OMG! I can barely WATCH this. I DO realize we dont' have a ton of lions roaming around in Canada, but it still freaks me out.
  • I’ve got a great long weekend ahead here’s what’s happening!
  • Love the honesty!
  • She seems to be cool with the whole thing and was "playing along with my co-anchor's joke." After the broadcast she also said:
  • Very dark…but very effective. However, I’m sure trying to read small print on a billboard is just as distracting as texting.
  • I have quite the weekend planned this weekend,


    Saturday I'll be at Mudd Sweat and Tears. We're out in Peachland at Ponderosa, put a team together and join the muddy fun or cheer on the teams competing 


    Sunday I'll be starting off at the MS Walk, registration starts at 8:30 at Stuart Park the walk happens at 10, come by and support those who are battling MS.


    Later I'll be making my way to Opus Art Supplies for the outdoor painting challenge, there are a ton of great prizes, including a $1000 gift card from Opus.


    I'll be around all summer, so make sure you say hi because I've got a ton of sweet stuff to give you, and if you want me at your event just let me know and I'll do my best to be there!

  • Never seen a Marvel movie, but want to watch Civil War? Here's your guide to what happened so far..
  • So apparently Sony is makign a contact lense that eseentially records live video  IN YOUR EYEBALL because apprently WE ARE ENTERING THE MATRIX! haha I think this is terrifying and instantl;y picture the self induced eye surgery scene from Terminator..
  • You almost couldn't have asked for a better weekend for Mother's Day! Yes that's this weekend, and I'm here to help you out with plans.


    Saturday is the Food Truck Rally at the Kelowna Tourism office, so I'll be starting my day out there, enjoy the awesome foods from all these great vendors!


    Later I'm going to make my way to Dewy Cutem and Howe for their first ever cutathon in support of the special olympics.


    Then to wrap up my day I'll be heading over to the main fire hall on the westside for their firesmart day, there's a ton of great activities for the kids including a bouncy castle, fire truck tours, and sparky the dog will be there. And for the adults you can learn more about fire safety too!

    On Sunday I'm starting my day off by heading to Fintry Estate for their spring fair. A lot of cool stuff is happening there including plant sales, music, games & crafts for the kids, face painting and a bouncy castle plus an number of talented craftsmen selling their wares.

    And later I'll be hanging out at one of the great Kelowna Parks, so make sure you follow me on Facebook to find out where I'll be.

    Remember to say to me wherever I am, because I always have a lot of great stuff to give away, and all you have to do is ask and I always reward you with whatever I have.

  • Hey guys, here’s where I’m at this weekend…

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