• English is Hard

    I've heard before that English is actually one of the hardest languages there is to learn. At first I was all "Nahhh, no way! It seems so easy!"

    But then... you see stuff like this. Inglesh iz herrrd. Read More
  • Kids learn about the "Walkman"

    Kids learn about an old fashioned device called a "Walkman" Read More
  • On-Air with Ryan Seacrest - April 17th

    Today we got a look at the new show "I Wanna Marry Harry". Plus, we saw Demi Lovato stop by Idol, and saw some kids who didn't know what a Walkman was. It's all here.. Read More
  • AUDIO: The LUCKIEST SUN FM Lucky 9's Winner!

    This morning's winner with SUN FM's Lucky 9's ALMOST didn't win her trip to Vegas! When we showed up to her home to surprise her with her trip... no one was home. But you wouldn't believe what happened next. She has to be the LUCKIEST of our 6 winners so far. Take a listen to the audio (click the play button just below the photo) to hear what happened! Read More
  • How to blow your kids away this summer

    I think I was one of luckiest Canadians of all time, being that I got to grow up in the Okanagan. My birthday is late May, and we ALWAYS had a pool party to celebrate, as it was SO SUNNY by then. I LITERALLY thought May was considered Summer, up until about 10 years ago! It still gets hot here, but sometimes it feels like it doesn't arrive as quickly as it used to... Read More